# Art

This section will try to teach the art theory used to create good Rivals-style pixel art animations.

Skill is not something people are born with. The people who become great at something are the people who enjoy themselves while they're bad at it, and keep trying.

Learning a skill comes from practicing and adjusting, over and over again.

  • Practicing gives you experience, and helps you see what to adjust.

  • Adjusting is finding what you should do differently in future practice.

Expect to make a lot of big mistakes. Don't worry about that. What matters is you recognize and understand those mistakes, so you can do a little better next time.

This guide is here to help you know how to adjust, so you can grow faster.

# You don't need great art to make a good character

Don't wait until you're satisfied with your art abilities before making a character. The more you improve, the more you'll see other ways to improve. Work with the skill you have, and you'll improve as you go.

You will always find something you would have done differently and agonizing over your first char is going to lead to sadness.

Just get something out there to the best of your ability as fast as you can, then you can move forward while still feeling like you've done something.

~ Shplurmff

# You don't need to study theory to make great art

You do not need to diligently study heaps of theory to draw something that looks good. The scope of this guide may seem intimidating, but it's only to make adjusting easier, not as an intimidating required-reading.

The only truly necessary step is practice. The best thing you can do is draw, regularly.

When you're not happy with part of your art, and you don't know what to do differently, theory may have the answer.