# Proportion

Getting characters proportioned correctly is a simple but important step to make them fit in visually.

# Character Size

Rivals characters typically stand 25-45px tall, and 35-60px wide.

Average height characters are close to 35 px tall.

It's not illegal to be outside that range, but small characters tend to feel frustrating to hit, and large characters tend to get comboed too easily.

Note that Rivals expects sprites to be double sized in the /sprites folder. If your character looks like a little pixel-dwarf, this may be the reason.

# Proportion

A character's height is usually approximately 1/3 head, 1/3 body, 1/3 legs. The vanilla cast make good references for this.


Most importantly, make sure your character's body proportions are consistent, and don't appear to change while they move. Exaggerated poses are an exception.

Characters should be clearly facing forward, but they usually turn ~45 degrees towards the camera, to make their features easier to see.