# Pixel Art Overview

Pixel art isn't just any art made of pixels. (opens new window)

In pixel art, changing the color of one pixel makes a big difference. You place pixels with care and control, to say a lot with a tiny resolution and few colors.

By Saint11

There are a few extra things to learn in making pixel art (which this guide will teach), but the drawing process itself tends to be much faster than traditional art. In Rivals modding, a single hard-working artist could do what might take a whole team for another fighting game.

Pixel art is a higher learning curve for faster rewards.

Rivals is, thus, excellent for beginner animators specially.

~ KerroBerry

# Readability

Readability is a key aspect in Rivals pixel art. Characters need to communicate.

Rivals characters are small, and the game is fast. The players need to be able to tell what the other character is doing within a matter of frames, while dodging and counter-attacking.

To communicate well, Rivals sprites need to be simple and exaggerated.

# Technical notes