# Color

# Small Palette

Pixel art in color count, as well as resolution.

Using a small palette:

# Parts of Color

color picker

In the Aseprite color picker, values closer to the right increase saturation, values closer to the top increase value.

# Palette

A character uses about 3-5 hues, each with 2-4 shades.

Shiny materials tend to have more shades than dull materials, and have greater value differences between shades, and greater saturation.

kragg kragg palette etalus etalus palette shovel knight shovel knight palette

# Hue shifting

Real life colors don't only change value (brightness) as they receive different amounts of light.

Darker shades have hues closer to blue-purple, and lighter shades have hues closer to orange-yellow.

Adjusting the hues like this is called hue shifting. Palettes should usually be hue shifted.

hue shifting

# Blending materials

Sometimes a character may have visibly separate colors that blend into each other, such as Absa's fur, or Sylvanos' leaves and fur.

The light and dark shades are used as if they're different materials, even though they share hue. This is more of a blending trick than an exception to hues having 2-4 shades.

absa absa palette sylvanos sylvanos palette