# Animation Scripts

These scripts handle the character's visuals.

They must not affect gameplay. If they change gameplay variables in any way (positions, attributes, etc.), it will cause desyncs in online play.

These scripts are called every frame, and only effect the current frame.

# animation.gml

For manually changing the character’s sprite_index and image_index, creating custom character animations.

# Draw Scripts

These directly draw images to the screen. Typically used with

pre_draw.gml draws behind your character. It's drawn before, so your character draws on top of it.

post_draw.gml draws in front of your character. It's drawn after, so it draws on top of your character.

# other_pre_draw.gml and other_post_draw.gml

Runs on all other characters. For when you want to draw on opponents, such as Zetterburn's fire or Ranno's poison markers, user other_draw scripts.

In these scripts other_player_id references your own character.

other_pre_draw.gml draws behind of their character.

other_post_draw.gml draws in front of their character.

# Article Draw

Draws on your articles with the given article index.

article[index]_pre_draw.gml draws behind the article.

article[index]_post_draw.gml draws in front of your article

index can be

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • solid
  • platform

# draw_hud.gml

Used to draw the character's HUD.

The base location of the character's HUD is available as temp_x and temp_y. New coordinates can be made by displacing them. var special_ready_indicator_x = temp_x + 150

# css_draw.gml

Draws on the character select screen when the character is selected. Used for palette selection.

x and y refer to the top left corner of the character portrait.

# debug_draw.gml

Meant for use during development, not in finished characters.

Draws in front of everything else on the screen.