# Ai Scripts

These are needed to make your character's AI function. Making a poor quality AI is easy, while optimizing the AI is very complex.

# ai_init.gml

Called when a CPU of the character is created.

By default, CPUs pick attacks randomly based on the opponent's location. You create arrays of attack names. The CPU has an equal probability of selecting each entry in the array. The arrays should only contain the default attack values (eg. AT_DSPECIAL_AIR is not valid, and should just be AT_DSPECIAL).

Location arrays are:

  • far_up_attacks
  • far_down_attacks
  • far_side_attacks
  • mid_side_attacks
  • close_up_attacks
  • close_down_attacks
  • close_side_attacks
  • neutral_attacks

The resulting script may look like:

far_down_attacks = [

far_up_attacks = [

// ... More

If you have more complex AI scripting, you initialize the variables you need for that here.

# ai_update.gml

Called every frame for a CPU of the character.

The CPU's default behavior is automatic. This script is optional, and add specials cases to the behavior, such as effectively using recovery options.

  • ai_target - The player object the CPU is targeting.
  • ai_recovering - If the CPU is recovering or not.
  • temp_level - The CPU’s difficulty level (1-9).

Under Construction

This needs a full guide.

Document variables and constants like ai_state == AS_ADVANTAGE.