# Quickstart: Changing Attacks

Go to any attack in your scripts/attacks/ directory, preferably not a special since they tend to have extra logic.

The file will be full or statements to configure the attack, looking like either

make_hitbox(AT_NAIR, 1,
    HG_WINDOW, 2,
    // etc...

or set_hitbox_value(AT_NAIR, 1, HG_WINDOW, 2), if the character isn't using assistant functions.

These statements set values to fields of 3 types:

  • AG_ fields configure the whole attack.
    Example: AG_SPRITE, the attack's sprite sheet.
  • AG_WINDOW_ fields configure a single window, which is phase like "startup".
    Example: AG_WINDOW_LENGTH, the duration of the window in-game.
  • HG_ fields configure a hitbox, the part of an attack which actually hits and deals damage and knockback.
    Example: HG_DAMAGE.

Try modifying the values of some HG_ fields to extreme numbers and see the effects.

You can edit other fields, but the change will probably break the attack or misalign the animation windows.

If you want to check what a field does, search the official documentation (opens new window) (or later, search here on RivalsLib.com)

Making your own attacks is slightly harder than editing an attack, but not too complicated.

When it's time to make your first new attack, try Mawral's guides on windows (opens new window) and hitboxes (opens new window).