# check_window_timer_without_check_hitpause

When a character is in hitpause, their window_timer does not advance. Events set to trigger at that window_timer will trigger every frame until the hitpause ends.

Adding and !hitpause fixes this, but is easy to forget without noticing.

if (window_timer == 1) { // WARN: Possible repetition during hitpause. Consider using window_time_is(frame) https://rivalslib.com/assistant/function_library/attacks/window_time_is.html

# Resolution

You can just add and !hitpause to these lines, or run them all in a if !hitpause { block (The Assistant will try to detect this, but no promises).

If the variable is only needed locally, just put var before it, so that it won't exist outside the current script.

If you only need to read the variable, and it's needed in multiple files, initialize it in init.gml or another synced script.

If the variable is needed in multiple files, and the draw script needs to change it, double check there isn't a safer way to do what you're doing. If you're sure, disable the warning with // NO-WARNING or commenting it out in assistant/assistant_config.yaml