# Installation and Usage

If you're new to Rivals modding, see software setup instead.

# Plugin Installation

If you haven't chosen an editor yet, most people use GMEdit, which is more tailored for GML and Rivals specifically.

# GMEdit

  1. Go to the plugin's release page (opens new window) .
  2. Download the 'rivals-workshop-assistant-gmedit.zip' from the most recent release.
  3. In GMEdit preferences, near the bottom, click 'Plugins directory' to open the plugins directory.
  4. Extract the zip file into the plugins directory. The zip contents should be in plugins/rivals-workshop-assistant-gmedit.
    Should look something like this if you delete the .zip:

  5. Close and reopen GMEdit to load the plugin.

Alternatively, if you haven't yet set up GMEdit with the Rivals of Aether dialect, see the gmedit installation guide

# VSCode

  1. Download and install VSCode (opens new window).
  2. Open the extension manager (Ctrl+Shift+X), search for and install Rivals Workshop Assistant.

You may also want to install rivals of aether gml support the same way, for highlighting and completion.

# Usage

The editor must open the root folder for the project, containing the config.ini file. If an individual file or subfolder is opened, the Assistant won't run. Let me know if this is annoying for you, and I can look at changing it.

Aseprite handling won't happen until you've set up the Aseprite.exe path in configuration.

# Configuration

When the editor has a character's root folder open, it will run whenever you save a modified script in the editor.

The first time it runs, it will create an assistant directory in the root directory, and inside that is assistant_config.yaml.
<your character dir>/assistant/assistant_config.yaml

Edit the config file using any text editor and set the path to your aseprite.exe to enable automatic animation exporting.

# Troubleshooting

# Nothing happening

If the Assistant is installed and is loaded, there should be an error message in the developer tools console.

The developer tools console can be opened with Ctrl+Shift+I or

  • GMEdit: Top left dropdown -> Dev Tools
  • Vscode: Help -> Toggle Developer Tools

If that error message doesn't point to a clear solution, contact me (see the site footer).

If there is nothing related to the assistant in there, it's not installed yet. If you just installed it, try restarting the editor.

# Something unwanted happened to my files

If it's a minor inconvenience in a gml file, consider writing // NO-INJECT somewhere in the file, to disable processing. Please let me know if something's misbehaving.

If it's serious, like data loss, please tell me immediately. (see the site footer for contact)

Every day, the Assistant will make a backup to /assistant/backup. You can fetch the backup and disable the plugin.

# Antivirus detection

Antivirus tools tend to distrust unknown exes that read and modify files, and even download another exe when updating.

There's not a lot I can do about that, I think. Try marking the file as an exception in the antivirus.

If you're cautious, you can compile the exe yourself with the build script here (opens new window).

If enough people have trouble with it, I can look for an alternative method of building the exe, which might help.