# Asset Generation

Mockup assets are useful when experimenting with a new character.

The Assistant can automatically generate circles, ellipses, and rectangles of different sizes and colors, to rapidly test projectiles or articles.

When the Assistant sees you try to use a shape it understands, that doesn't already exist, it will quickly draw it up for you, and it'll be in game when you press f5.

You create shapes with something like:

asset_get("red_circle_20") // A 20px diameter red circle
  • Circles are written as circle_<diameter>, such as asset_get("circle_22").
  • Ellipses are written as ellipse_<width>_<height>, such as asset_get("ellipse_30_30")
  • Rectangles are written as rect_<width>_<height>, such as asset_get("rect_3_5")

All shapes can be given a color, with <color>_<rest of the shape>, such as asset_get("red_ellipse_30_30")

More examples:

  • "circle_22"
  • "blue_circle_30"
  • "ellipse_30_30"
  • "red_ellipse_30_30"
  • "rect_34_36"
  • "orange_rect_3_5"